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be crime do gays :bi_heart:

23 years old (July 1999)
Garden- and Landscape Builder
#Linux User since 2016
#VR and #Boomershooters

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marty . @marty,

hey @obsidian love the 1.4 update, since i do my entire apprenticeship journal using obsidian, making heavy use of frontmatter and the dataview plugin, so seeing such a massive update around that is really great.

however, i structure stuff with a topic and then it's subtopic, like


(mastodon doesn't show report, amount, hours_people as indented, but those would be the indented keys)

due to all my notes using nested yaml, and the 1.4 update not really working with those, i just wanted to know if there are plans to make them work, or if you say it's not really possible or worth your time.

best regards, and thanks for all your work!

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marty . @marty,

new #swaywm config wtf?

(also i had an accidental 4 hours irl crash course on #emacs i will never use any other program ever again)

also i switched to #endeavoros bcs uhhh yeah honestly just bcs i could probably.

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marty . @marty,

Guess who decided to not spend just 300 bux, no, a warping 500 bux on a #Bethesda game. 🎮

If you ever need to compare someone to a massive idiot, I allow you to compare them to me. 😛

But I'm happy. 😃

Also they frogging nailed the design on the #Starfield #controller 🎮 , and the #headset 🎧 also is really good (tho for the latter, the price is honestly definitely not worth it, however, as previously mentioned, I am an idiot.)

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marty . @marty,

Currently in a presentation about smart systems in water stuff in gardens (pools, fish ponds, lakes, plant watering, etc.), tho it's more for gardeners so nobody except me has any knowledge about cybersecurity.

The presenter tells us that the company was hacked not 6 months ago due to someone finding an insecure IoT device that had some admin privileges through which they managed to get more and more admin privileges on more and more of their servers, resulting in an estimated 6-20 million € damage.

On the next slide he tells us how cool their app is because you can control all these individual WiFi connected devices of theirs to automate your garden.

Can't make this shit up.

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